Monday, February 21, 2011


The elusive trees speak to me
Under the black ice.
Strictly forbidden
Do not enter.
Do not pass go.
I dare not venture
Out into the  evasive forest
The land of the desolate .
An ostrich speaks.
Buries his head in the fast fallen snow
Unable to immerse
Drowning in its sorrow.
Pure helplessness

As she trots down slippery slopes
Not trudging
But slickly sleeting
And speeding
Into the snare
Human lust
And control.
Unable to regard
Or behold
The branch above
Ready to pounce
And slice through
Cutting the skin.
Dare not tread tomorrow.


  1. You write, I truly believe one must live life to the fullest and reach into the innermost parts of their being.

    and so wouldn't you go into the forest?

    hey you.


  2. The branch above
    Ready to bounce
    I can so relate to this...

  3. I have gone into the forest and wish not to return...although anywhere in life I suppose danger could be lurking...This one was inspired by another...who is drifting too quickly into the forest...unaware...