Monday, October 31, 2011


The blood thirsty lurks.

Seeking around corners.

Predators oh so delicious about.

Eagle eyes changing color with the wind.

From amber to golden browns.

Tell a story of young love, everyone’s dream.

The strong in self control.

Unyielding to another’s passions and desires.

Clawed by the piercing of vultures. 

Cold and white skin embellished in crimson.

The need to get closer.

Fangs touch and break through the barriers.

Pupils dilated ready for another violent thrust.

A kill. As lust enrages within the human grip, sweat and saliva.

Enticing innocence. Coupled with the darkness.

Wanting to protect.  Wanting to torture.

The blackness engaged masked in clouds of fog and doom.

To see the glimmer of  prism sunlight glittering on the skin.

To taste the drops of frozen sweat.  Mirrors crashing.

Flying above the everglades.  The forest draws one near.

To seek the forbidden.  The lost. The committed.

A self- fulfilling legacy of destitute belonging.

Ample bosom, brunette locks, embraces the unwilling.

  The touch of bodies. Yielding.

Swollen lips.  The kiss of death.

As the blood drips. Scarlet.

The dichotomous choices of the morrow.

Ahh to hide one’s face in the shadows.

Never to have sunlight upon the skin. 

A vampire’s loss.

The beast within.

Temptation prowls about.

(To anyone who has ever dreamed of a scarlet lover...)
Happy Halloween


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Unencumbered Genius

Silently I wonder what it is like to lie unencumbered in a shallow grave
listening to the mind of one's genius
the cerebellum never ceasing.

T'was it all in vain?
Bringing a generation of touch.
The family mourns.

Technology slows if just for a moment.
Yet to live life fully in one's passion
not waiting for another's
claiming to find that niche
and embrace it wholeheartedly.

What did he surmise that none of us could?
Did he spend his life chasing quadruple rainbows
because he knew they existed?

Yet we must capture that first photograph to prove t'was real

In my daily life may I choose to simmer in the afterglow of one's brilliance
and never cease
chasing rainbows.