Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Globe

Deception, Distortion
Conceptions alike
The Fun House Mirror
Glares at me
But I refuse
To fall into its perception.
A sphere of myths
The bitter gall
Is tasted in my mouth.
Feet planted firmly
I press forward
Unwilling to believe
To perceive.

If one could learn from the stallions...
Enfold life with innocence and hope
Refuse to throw the Cinderella Ball
And let it come tumbling
Down the stairs
The glass shards a paradox
Of delusive crystals.

I want to believe in the delicacy beyond
To preside once more
The quiet sprinkling
Of a soft shimmer
A whisper of harmonic refrains
Supple to the soul.



  1. This is beautiful! You really have a wonderful ability to capture the essence of a poem.

  2. I am happy that my fun house mirror inspired such beautiful words.I have added you to my favorites bar,and will follow you faithfully as I do with Helena,Penny and JL Dodge.A suggestion you might like to read my 2nd & 3rd post of my blog,I think you will really enjoy them.

  3. The Cinderella Ball still sits in our home...abandoned...and as of yet...I haven't tossed it down the stairs! Still waiting for the shimmer...