Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The connoisseur, the juggler                             
The madam and monsieur
Finest of strayed tightropes
Across the thermosphere
From one side to another
Only to make it part way
When the searing begins
The grasping and clasping
Holding on for dear life
The frays and the sways
Bouncing to and fro'
A few bruises
Cracked ribs
The dry tongue at the palette of the mouth
Attempting to find some bit of moisture
As it crashes
No trampoline in sight!
Cracked asphalt instead
Falling, Falling!
Nightmares increase
Screaming and shrieking out
For some sort of release!

A gentle dove hallucinatory
Gathers wholly from above
To soften the blow
Feather-like clouds
A Gasp
A Clasp
Come to a screeching halt
Head found soft upon the pillow

"Another Day,  Another Dollar"
Another Balancing Act!


  1. each day a balancing act...all too real...

  2. Still looking forward to mastering the balance...