Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crippling Composition

Life is hard sometimes
It just is
When you get behind the glitz and glam
You realize it
Complicated and rambling
Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
All mixed up and scattered
One corner trying to fit into another
A jumbled cardboard pathetic mess
Frayed edges and subdued colors
In a hue that doesn't make sense.

Aren't you glad that you are not the one
Who is called upon to make reason of the shades?
Tumbling and frantic
Sorting trying
Trying so desperately to put the portions
Back together
Transforming them into a formation
Of matter
Which matters.

On days like this I'm glad I'm not the
Head Chef
The Judge
That I don't foresee
A representation of the future

What I can do is tenderly sigh
Knowing a hand is at work
Not mine
Putting the formats into array
And sequence.
Orchestration production
And melodrama at its best.


  1. Really like this...It's how I feel sometimes when life gets me down..Really enjoy your writing.

  2. life might be a jigsaw puzzle but the problem is that we do not have the box top picture in which to fit the pieces.We guess and then guess again never sure whether or not we are right.Also I want to thank you for the inspiration for tonights post on youassume.

  3. but how lucky we are for the array of hues!

    but yes, sometimes it's hard.


  4. On the days that all the pieces seem to fit, it's bliss...Enjoy your writing Lorely ~.^ Helena

  5. Thankful for those blissful days. Come Spring quickly! Susie I guess for any of us life can get us down...if we allow it...the challenge is to not let it...