Friday, February 4, 2011


I speak as to the vulnerability of woman                     
A gentle embracing fragrance
Encapsulating the parts of mankind
And antiquity.
Wisdom finds itself among the captured, the hurt, the priceless.
Encircling universal
Her gentle touch
A whisper in the wind brings her to her knees,
And she finds herself among common people, the babies,  the toddlers, the forlorn.
Wind-swept and kept
She struggles to  maintain, to keep up the pace, to fight noises of the night
Which awaken.
If she could only learn to embrace the bellowing, the howling and speak
Find the voice within which calls her to these palaces and shanties.
The walls of gentle and crumbling brick
Yet a fortress withstands, withholds and welcomes
All who are willing.
To  take their place among the peoples
Realizing that she is not only woman, she is part of mankind
Which goes beyond gender
The rulings, the manifestos
Creeds of the ages
Each has heard the cries that concern.
Reaching out to touch those who no longer want to be touched.
But rather want to listen to the soft mellow beckoning of the wind
Embrace its folds and retreat into a surrender
Not to listen, to ignore, not ponder
There must be something more...

Hope Springs Life Eternal


  1. Love this! I also like what you did with the design of your blog. One of my favorite colors!

  2. lovely words.
    well said.
    keep it up.

  3. Thank you Jingle and thanks for following...I'll do my best...

  4. Thank you Crazy!...I like the color too! :)