Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are the divine among the divine
Lion cubs separated from the sheep
Refusing to succumb to the bleating
Somehow buying into the manifold
That we belong to a lesser god.

A different royal sanctum.
I will not bow down to the utterances
The berating and the bashing
My mane will sparkle in multi-colors
In the speckled, the matted, the unshaven
I will speak  and others will listen.

And slowly and softly
On the distant shores
I will find my roar. ..

Friday, July 1, 2011


The spineless backbone
Of ignorance and tolerance
Lies waiting in concentric circles.
Empty air tickles an empty ear.
The meddlesome mind lost
Rustling within other's egos.
A yolk distant from the edge.
The sacred heart remains bound

With a slight tear in her eye
A passenger in a propeller
Flounces about
In paralleled frustration
Spinning a whirlwind
Of adhesives and scars.

The third wheel
Wondering when to reclaim
What was rightfully disposed
Remains on the sidelines.