Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rock


There lies before me
A great boulder
I stumble upon
Blemished  yet smooth
Primed and ready
For me to take the fall
This meandering obstacle
Bold and obtrusive

Lewdly it awaits
As I plunge and purge forth
Blinded by misdirected zeal and passion
Rebellious and undeserving
I placate
Appreciate the chill
Of the soft smooth surface
The cold against my cheek
I weep
And clasp the crevices

Pondering the purpose of this slab
In  my path
I waver
Succumbing to the hunger
And tears.


  1. I like this. I feel like that boulder sometimes.

  2. Pondering the purpose...Lorely,I can see see a face in the photo of this boulder...bold and obstusive. Nice!

  3. The boulder...sometimes it serves as an obstacle...other times it is a rock to cling onto...Susie

    Helena-I saw the face too...which is one of the reasons I chose this photo...someday the rocks may cry out!