Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Author's Voice February 2011

I thought it fitting to include an imagery of snow...mounds and mounds of snow, since we in the mid-west have been pummeled lately.  As I have said before... winter brings about great creativity in writing.  Thanks to all of you who have chosen to follow.  When I first started this blog it was more or less a way of expressing  passion, and quite honestly the strange thoughts that seem to encompass at times. I never expected to have so many followers this soon, but I am delighted!  Poetry bloggers are devoted followers.  We glean so much wealth from one another.  In examining my writing I have observed that I write mostly lyrical prose.  You might see my styles change from time to time, as I attempt to stretch myself into new horizons.  I find that using imagery is helpful to interpret more meaning.  For each of you who have encouraged me on this writing journey, my fondest thanks.  My blog has become great therapy.  I cherish your comments and what each of you bring to the table. And for now I wish a tremendous winter thaw....



  1. opted for the winter thaw pic instead! No more mounds of snow!

  2. It is a very lovely photo !
    Your words are so sweet, we thank you for thanking us, but it is we who are the lucky ones... Bandit and I really enjoy your blog !

  3. Nice words and photo...I was born in Chicago and spent some years there...a great city...nice meeting you ..thank you for stopping in..I am sure I will read you again..bkm

  4. Thank you bkm for choosing to follow...I love your blog!