Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Corrupt One

Oh how the mighty has fallen.
A cold day in history.
Pride cometh before a plunge.
The vulture unleashes from the sky.

One of many taken down.
Down. Down. Down.

If one could hear the blackness seething in our brains.
The overthrows.  The seductions.  The take-overs.

We would be shackled too.

What can you do for me?!
Me! Me!
After all, isn’t it always about me?!

Shaded eyes. Mirror of the soul. Full head of  painted dark hair.
Elusive. The need for power and control.
How many people has he trampled to get his way?!
In secret rooms.
All of the makings of desperation and disaster.

As the grey  pelts down…covering our world in gloom.
Attempting to hide the hidden.

“Your deeds done in the darkness will be exposed in the daylight.”
Angered at this deception, this fraud; yet aware…

Expletives, profanity, a definition of character of morality.
What morality?!

Where does it exist?
Those who have. Those who have not.
Who gives a damn?!

Economies are collapsing.
Children are hurting and starving, yet “Give me that Golden Parachute”
I’ll turn my blind eye…and watch another rot in the dust.

Pad my shelves. Upholster my furniture. Burn the papers and turn them into shreds.
Interior is important. Or is it exterior?
Arrogance creeping in…

Leads way to utter failure.
“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”
Blagojevich…Who will even remember how to spell his name?
“For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?

“There but for the grace of God go I.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Damnation of Eternity

Peering through my gold rimmed spectacles

A gentle wind escapes through the panes of my office.

Entertaining thoughts which lead to doubt.

He stands accused.

Feathers blowing in the mist.

A thin wispy air.

Rosy cheeks and dimples.

A child’s innocence led by a weathered manicured hand.

To the rectory where no one sees.  No one hears.

No one whispers.


The task is done.

Incompletely torturing another’s soul.

For eternity.

Raging truth must be set free.

From the fires which choose to burn.

Flames flying.

An old steeple with tarnished crosses.

What is there to believe?

Where is the truth?  Wherein lies naivety?

Refusing to capture the pangs, the pain.

The psyche of one’s being.

Shall I escape from the ruins?

To other gray stagnant days.

Fog laying all about.

Attempting to consume.  To cover.

Foolishness attempts to hearken another’s vow.

At the expense of one so bright, clear and young.

Causing questions which will last throughout the centuries.

No time to ponder.  Only to walk away.

And begin again.

And doubt.

The Query

Amongst the rooftops I sit in a query
as to the meaning of life.

A lone flag rustling in the breeze
if only…it’s patriotic call.
A young woman falls
another maintains.

Symbiotic rhythms and waves,
a myriad of quandry,
listening to the quibble of far off folks.

Carolina sun upon my skin
and here I sit once again,
waiting for answers…

Realizing as each day passes,
they’re immersed within…
the very fabric of daily syncopations,
universal oneness, and
the simple, yet profound…

The query, the quandry and the quibble.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The only thing that is certain in life is that it is hellaciously uncertain
And one must learn to live in the ebbs and flows of instability.

Ascertained by the necessity of one's belongings living in the lawn.
Dumped while scavengers peer in the windows.
A young sophomore plucked from his decade of surroundings.

Abandoned to the backwash and prompted by the maternal prescriptions.
Mother laying lifeless upon the next fix.

Enthusiastic bright smile, never questioning, always adapting to the unknown.
His name given by the forefathers a glimpse of salvation
Gone in the midst of the night of never ending goodbyes.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I shall choose not to be afraid
Of the arrows which pierce by day
Flying without any sense of direction
Or the deadly diseases
Which stalk in the night of darkness
Under the veil of gloom.

His armor shall be my protection
From the loss of opportunities
Surrounding the feathers
Which cover my wings.

When one entryway opens...
Another closes
Shielding us from the serpent

Detours carefully guarded
By the traps which surround
A refuge from the terrors
Which attempt to consume.

(inspired by Psalm 91, in light of our present economy)