Monday, February 14, 2011


Ahh the sweet smell of salsa!                             

A dark room of forlorn smiles.

Women lost in a world of confusion.

Embracing a celebration.

Yet  enamored by the glimpse of another.

A kind one reaching out.

To bridge the gap of a young lady.

A melodic gentlemen.

Sharing his heart if just for a moment. 

Hidden in a napkin the depths of her soul.

He shows interest in what will never be. 

She seduces.

Deducts without reasoning this road will not travel.

Sounds of Latino music fill the air.

Chatter of the present. Heartaches and hopes.

Subtle smooth flowing. Quiet din in the air.

Dark tables, hands touch.  Warm fingers.  Caress the soul.

Memories of another time, another place.

Such contrast. Such similarity. 

Held fondly.  Never spoken.  Never shared.

A number secluded in the past of the road less traveled.

Forever in the clasp of her hand.


  1. What a beautiful love story...You captured it so tenderly... I can see it in my mind so clear. I love it and your beautiful blog..

  2. put us right there in your descriptions...quiet the moment there...and i am left with a smile...

  3. amazing poem,glad I am now following you.

  4. This one is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine who is no longer with us...I see her now in the rainbows.