Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reverberation Backlash

The sputtering forth
Of malice and hatred
Resentment her worst enemy
Her greatest friend

She has embraced this foe
Clinging forth unencumbered
While it spews forth
In shallow malformation

The grotesque and the obscure
Lies bending
Never knowing
When or what to believe
To whom you are
And whose you are

The transparent withered bough
This limbed-arm prong
Is beginning to break

Its tines shall not wait upon the morrow
And shall address this curse

To Boomerang the starry nebulae
Of declarations
Till they pierce
The fork -shaped tongue
And slither
Back to reality.


  1. do they ever come back to reality or does it find them... love 'never knowing when or what to believe, to whom you are and whose you are'...

  2. reality always wins out,especially when you are the one defining reality.By the way I have that picture of the butterfly nebula on the wall in my bedroon,along with numerous others.

  3. I like this, I think reality is hard to find for some people. Great write.

  4. Richard that is indeed an interesting connection...I found this photo when I was looking under the word boomerang for images...and it is exactly what I wanted to convey that there is a boomerang effect to our words and actions...or at least...let's hope so.