Friday, March 4, 2011


As the full moon arises and the 3 D inverted lense strikes
The world becomes a wretched wobbly habitat.
Unable to stand, the legs are spindly
Water sploshing  about in the body
Words sicken.
The cutting edge
"How dare you!" begins
Another throttle and battle of will
The tunnel conundrum of hormones and fears
Reverberates and pulsates.
A spindly string of knots in the gut.
Throbbing disgrace.

She will stand bitter and wedged between the blows
Not to waver.
Bless those who persecute... ringing in her ears.
Furrowed brow a slim grin
Knowing she has done all she could
Not her turn
Waiting on the departure
And when it will return
Arms open to the prodigal lies.


A  soft embrace
A fluttering of the winds of change
A rustling whisper
"Well Done"...



  1. Yes, I like this,
    reminds me of a thousand days
    spent waiting to try again
    and the seeming inevitable rejection
    and in rejection rejecting,
    waiting again

    to learn to change the tune
    or stop the dance and leave
    at least in my head
    and through my body...

  2. To learn to change the tune or stop the dance...I really like that! Still learning how...

  3. Ahhhh yeah, I think I have lived this some where in an unforgetable dream, still I have to say age has brought me into the 'someday', greatfully I know it !


  4. JL I look forward to the somedays...but in the meantime I'm fully engaged in the present!

  5. Ah someday! I try to live in the present also Lorely, although at times my mind has an agenda of it's own. ♥ Hεlεɳa ~.^