Sunday, March 27, 2011


The littered carcasses of aluminum cans
And nubile breasts
Padlocked behind wanton's door
So inviting to just come in
To drink of the fountain
Of poisoned lips and letters

Weary and wandering
Upon lost alleys
And cold wet cement
The truth lies dormant on the tiles
Of wet delusions and forgotten promises.

Snatch them before they are gone
Their merry way
A deluded trellis

How to reach a fools heart
Of whispered promises
And rough calluses
The innocence
Lighting their irises
In frivolity and splendor

This time the clock struck one
Rescued by the blink of the sirens.
Next fate might not shine the fair morn card

All is not lost
That which remains shall stand pure.
The embers of the fire will not snuff.
Or the bellowing waves overcome
Never shall she never give up
On the wings of a skirmished prayer

Smolten, lost, quivering, weary
But taken not by the storm
Of dance

Perchance the lullaby rings on... 


  1. Loved the stanza "All is not lost...." This one's inspiring :) Nice

  2. Seduction, desolation and a little bit of hope. Flows nicely and is consistent bar a couple of lines which I'm unsure of or don't get. Liked it Lorely :-)

  3. Let me know the lines Paul and I'll be glad to explain...this one hits home for is about the travails and the rescues of today's youth...

  4. wow...this is great poetry...and yeah you nail the youth link...i work with them and help them through some crazy stuff...

    The truth lies dormant on the tiles
    Of wet delusions and forgotten promises

    pop...that is my fav line...

  5. All is not lost, I hope....

    ♥ ஆ ~.^

  6. Is all ever lost? The lullaby which rings my glimpse or interpretation of hope.

  7. 'trellis' as in Romeo's climbing frame? Struggling with the 'Never shall she never give up', probably the pedant within me refusing to let me understand. Love this one.

  8. trellis Paul...when I was envisioning this line I first thought of a trellis in a beautiful garden with overflowing flowers and saw it as something a youth would attempt to climb over...I called it deluded because I was thinking of deception and delusions and in their own foggy mind...I can picture a youth running through a neighbor's yard and climbing over their trellis...(past curfew);
    "never shall she never give up' picture a person holding fast and praying with determination for someone if to snatch them from the grave...the lullaby rings on...echoes that sentiment...I used the double negative on purpose to emphasize the word negative...Appreciate the challenge and the questions! Ask anytime...your writing is deep as well...

  9. Yes I eventually got to flowery dreams collapsing as the trellis pulled off the wall. Lovely image. My academic background is in splitting hairs so I struggled over the double negative! Thanks for responding so fully :-)

  10. i liked this line"Snatch them before they are gone" which you intelligently switch from the cliche' "Snatch them before they are grow". this was in line with your agenda on lost youth. i have to admit you are beginning to be a real poet inspiration