Thursday, March 10, 2011

In The Quagmire

Time is of the essence
The firing squad with eyes darted
No floundering rather a secure testament
Of frivolities and truths.
Steadily traipsing across the bog of
Saturated soft  green tomorrows.
A look of knowing, of familiarity

The pace quickens
The questions commence
To Be or not to Be...
That is the stance

When one is under fire
From the glimpses,
Steadiness shall remain.

Fortunes were told
Lullabies sung
All is at rest

Now leave it to the one who holds the Fortress Silver Master Lock
The grand wizardry of shadow and moss  awaits...


  1. Wow … great read! I love your imagery here …

    -Time is of the essence
    -The firing squad
    -Steadily traipsing across the bog
    -To Be or not to Be
    -That is the stance
    -under fire
    -All is at rest

    These totally reminds me of Oscar Brown Jr’s poem, This Beach (a poem that takes the idea of warfare and uses it to depict Time and Death metaphorically). You have to check this link out! Awesome poem, awesome poet!

  2. John I appreciate the comparison...but I've watched Oscar Brown Jrs. link you sent and his literary work is quite stunning! Thanks for the kind words though...Loved "This Beach"

  3. Great write ! ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  4. I personally liked this one a lot!

  5. nice...i like the imagery as well...and you keep it moving with the brevity of the lines and of the piece...