Thursday, March 24, 2011

Devil's Lair

Succumbing to the dark side of anger
This two-headed dragon-rat raises his head once again.
The Phoenix burning on the ashes of the crumbling boulders

Shall I be hyper-religious or reluctant
When wrath requires a certain sophistication
To wield its mane?

Learning to walk in the heinous minefields of grain
The annihilation of desire and treacherous faith
Will not obliterate verbally
Or hurt the one intended to save.


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  2. Thank you for your wonderful writes. I always look forward to them. Love this one! Susie

  3. this is wonderful... especially love the first stanza.. :)

  4. What a gift you have.Reading what you write is such a joy.Also I am blown away with the pictures that accompany your writings.Will miss reading you the next few weeks.

  5. once again you imagination as reflected in you writing captures my reasoning and im always blown away. that what art is all about