Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Is there gold which lies beyond the guilt?
Or is this another fallible misconception?

Shall I be ashamed and hide in the disillusionment of hibernation?
Or plunge my feet into the crystal clear smooth waters of depth?

In my fury of mental deliberation
A sliver of light begins to refract and emerge.

Improper sacrifices are rebuked
Shouldering the burden of linear thinking.

A shepherd and image bearer
Obligated to save truth
That is hidden

Rectifying rivals,
Finding refuge in the inadequacies

A reminder
Of dead weight

A cracked cistern
Holding no water

This unflinching hidden agenda
Requires risk to seek the mineral,

Perspective against  humility
And weakness

A providence of failings
And motives
Laced with intent

Enthralled by mercy
Triumphing over judgment. 


  1. mmm...nice write...like the foot washing pic...nance marie just wrote on it as well...the motive behind the sacrifice...you touch something very important there...very nice write...

  2. "the providence of failings
    and movtives
    laced with intent"

    that is a stong stanza --as Brian stated...what is the real motive behind action...we all need ask ourself...nice write...bkm

  3. "motives laced with intent" - these are indeed powerful words and spark many questions in my mind. Nice write.

  4. Enthralled by mercy triumphing over judgement - Theodicy - I'd go for mercy every time if I could... good poem.

  5. Now I know why I hurried my return. Just great as always! Susie