Thursday, December 30, 2010


The waters draw me in, the white foam surging,

Quaking bellowing unto me.

Standing strategically upon the precipice. 

Peering down upon the watery mist.

Ignoring the quaint and quiet nearby cove.

Submerging, the waters pull me into their flow.

Captured in a muddy, salty, pungent mass.

Desperately, voraciously crying out for the surface. 

Unspoken. Bubbles encircling. Fear.

Envisioning a hint of ribbon sky, colorful sea creatures.

God’s creation crying out to the wanton wanderer.

Leaving their world to rescue another.

Their abyss peaceful yet threatening to the foreigner.

Attempting careful untaught glides.  Instinct follows.

Climbing toward the silvery reflective light calling this pilgrim to refuge.

Sublimating colors.  Refined.

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