Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Girl's Dreams

A  Little Girl’s Dreams

Meeting her knight in shining armor.

From the very first Cinderella book.

Champagne and roses.  Silent symphonies.

Foliage and secluded arbors.

Dazzling heart felt smiles.

A glimmer of knowing and glowing.

Lights her path.

The tan bronze prince arrives on his stallion to sweep her away.

From the drudge and the grudge.

The slime and the sublime.

Melodic choruses in the background.

Every little girl dreams of golden locks.

Fairy tales of happily ever after.  The bachelor.

Wanting someone to rescue us, make right our choices.

Our life.  Our path.

Shine on me.  Take me away from the princess life.

To vacuums and dishes, laundry and soiled socks.

Scoured toilets and dishrags.  Dog hair.  Ahh yes!

Where the everyday extraordinary is met in the ruffled sheets, the fingerprints, smudges and dust.

The joy of children’s laughter.

Kettle Korn Popcorn.  What a treat.

Sharing by the fire.

A gentle touch, caress, candles and romance.

Wishful thinking.

Strong arms.  Warm hands.

Surreptitiously surrendering on my skin.

A gentle touch.

Naïve and yet sincere.

Ahh to be young again.

Leather jackets and autumn breezes.

Harvest moons.  Upon the hills.

Sunsets never ceasing.

Ribbons of color paint a countryside.

Snow falling amongst the kiss.

Trombones blaring in the distance.

Gazebos and weddings in a land forgotten.

Dehart dam. Grasses and reeds flowing. 

Couples making love under the stars.

Rough against the trail, hoping no one appears.

Scratching their backs from the weeds.

Glimpses of waterfalls breaking against the rocks.

Pelting on our captured memories.

A jazz lullaby.

Hopes and dreams fade and dissipate into mist and air.

Longing for one more forgotten dare whilst…. 

Every little girl dreams.

“Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

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