Thursday, December 30, 2010


Insomnia lurks in the brilliance of minds.

Energies being stretched and expanded

Synapses firing

Lessen the returns of peaceful slumbers and golden dreams

Lying awake pondering reflections facing the future

Greatness lies within the awakening.

The chrysalis brings forth a metamorphisis.

Beautiful colors, transparent and transpiring

Reflecting on the goodness and grace of God’s simplistic Love

Multi-layered dichotomies and absolutes

Give reason for the mercies He extends.

Softly He whispers.

Gently into my ear

“Sleep my child sleep.”

Scents of lavender and vanilla encompass the room.

Dream upon dreams, Lullabies calling.

Tender breezes.

Silences of the eve penetrate into the being.

Oneness with the universe

The metaphysical healing touch of the Master.

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