Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Never Just About Love

A wanting man peering into the distance.

Eyes drawn inward, hoping for but a chance.  Some small resolution.
Wheel of fortune.

Risking all that he has for a momentary flash. 

Instantaneous life on a dime.  Heads or tails.
Splitting hairs.  Sink or swim.

Time is of the essence.  Immanence.

Presuming saunter into the room.
Surprised, taken aback by all that he has spared.  Risk in the making.

Aspiring, eager, distraught eyes.
A lithe and limber body.

Walking life’s fine tightrope. 

Temperate and sober conversation.

Matters arise.  Complications.  Realities.  Issues.

A mellow sigh.  A melee outside.  Passionate distraction for one so engrossed.

“Choose ye this day whom you will serve”

Discovering, unraveling, unriddling and interpreting.

Cellular ringing. Quick answers.

A reminder of what is beheld in the future, and of what lies present..

A quiet departure.  Door closing.

Elusive, slippery, slick, grey cobblestone.

Rain and midst.  Water droplets on the windshield.

A foggy night.  Engine reverberating. Gentle consistent gyrating sound.
Hum of the motor.  Into the eve.

No time for glances.

Only tomorrows.

It’s never just about love. 

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  1. I really love this one. I've been reading through while I'm on my break from work and this one in particular settles inside of me in a way that I know it is meaningful.