Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lemon Cake and Classical Music

The scent of lemon sprigs fills the air.

Beautiful melodic piano sonnets and strings of freshly polished violins.

Peonies, narcissus,and gladiolas.
Yearning for a breath. 
The feel of crispness reaching out to embrace their petals.
A velvety touch.

At last, the heights! A golden flower found alone.
Departed are the desert detours, the shores of loneliness and fear.

Vanilla icing, buttery to the touch.  Sensations. Sensuations.

Dancing and frolicking feet.  The pace quickens.
Laughter and lightness. Escalating, climbing toward brighter dawns.

Holy morn in which new mercies, encapsulating are born.

Splendor in the awakening!
Scintillating, shimmering shine.


  1. Magical combination, lemons and classical music. Lovely poem! Thanks for directing me here.

  2. Tess thank you for choosing to follow silver glimmer dust...you have a lovely blog!