Monday, December 27, 2010

Merciful dawn

“Let’s make out…Let’s make out” is what is blaring on my daughter’s cell.

The vibrating sound on my kitchen counter, as another text arrives.

Its words piercing through my skin.

How did we get here? And when shall we return?

As I go to plug in the light I must unplug the Guitar Hero.

Why are we so swallowed up in this world of the unreal, the shallow, the curtsy?

Technology is invading our homes and we are letting it.

In fact we are welcoming it. Embracing the course exterior.

Cold metal. Words are not even spoken but rather danced upon with quick fingers.

A shallow hello in the writings after thirty years.

Do we even care…or are we just following the ebb and flow because everyone else is doing it?

What happened to the reading of a book and feeling the crisp pages?

Letting the letters melt magic into your being.

What will this world be like when we settle upon it in thirty more years?

Will humans speak to one another? Will they feel skin against skin…or twill it be skype?

When couples are making love will they pause for a few moments and take in the scent of one’s hair, and glance into each other’s eyes.

What will they see in this future?

Bring me back to the days of simplicity, of dolls, blocks, and sand boxes.

Parks, picnics and canoes.

Grasses blowing in the wind and children riding in the car with the breeze and the beauty entertaining them.

A turning of the scriptures, the knees kneeling on the pews, a flute recital.

Let us not forget our beginnings, the sacred and simple youth.

Bring back the days of young love and hand holding.

Honoring one’s elders.

Have I become that elder?

The uncomfortability of that question seeps within…

I have become the echo of long forgotten wisdom.

The hairs are graying. The fingers are clasping.

Attempting to hold on to one more merciful dawn.

As I soak in the sun I want to hold back the hands of time and gather my thoughts.

To another time…another place…if only the seconds would allow as the ticking of the clock and grandfather time drone on…

Slow down Slow down .

My mellow whispers cry… and just for this minute “Be still”

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