Monday, December 27, 2010

Moon Masquerade

Shadows gray and gloomy cast against the wall.

A glimmer, a shimmer of what the night beholds.

Sinister and smiling, silver glow.

A canopy across the night of war torn stars and galaxies.

Fantasies and dreams pending, encasing the dark. 

Silence, a beckoning, a stirring.

Remaining still and sullen.  Safe.

Midnight glamour and chasing silhouettes,

A laugh at the mid day surprise.

Wanting nothing more than to sleep.  To rest embraced.

A protective stance of arms warm and closing.

Not stiffening nor stifling.  Fragrant and becoming.

A caress as with the evening breeze.

Dancing frolicking and swaying trees.

I kiss and bid my lover the moon farewell.

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