Sunday, May 29, 2011

World Peace

Across the universe
Poets and seers have expressed
The vision

The ideal
To have peace
And happiness
Interlocking hands
Singing "kum ba yah"
Nations  of the people
Voluntarily cooperate
Against warfare, selfishness
And greed
A cessation of hostility
What's mine is yours
Brother and sister
Vibrations of mankind
Using energetic active words
To heal transform
And empower
The course
Of planetary destiny
The human heart
Embracing oneness
An all inclusive message
Fighting the winds of despair
Blowing from every direction
Ending strife convulsions
And chaos
Dawning a social evolution

The planet
Of sacred books
Hold the promise.


  1. Embracing oneness, a beautiful thought. The sacred promise of peace must be respected in any case, for there lies our future, our progress, our world. I fear its breach, like in recent times, but I wish that your vision of brotherhood extend to all such circumstances, all such coming times (I hope none) and humanity prevails uninterrupted.

  2. i can only hope that vision catches on as there has to be a better way...

  3. One can only hope !
    We really need to come together, maybe one day life will show us how

    Nice post !

  4. For everyone to heal and embrace oneness would be heaven on earth! Love what you did here...

  5. loved the picture and the thought,even though it is utopian in nature,and may never become reality,one can only hope. Provided of course that it does not destroy that urge to fight against what nature throws at us. Thats the reason why we have spread across the world,tried to tame nature,an have taken on the dangers of traveling in outer space.

  6. Yes Richard I know it is can only dream...

  7. For 1 we need 2, for left, right, we struggle to find peace despite difference between each other and within ourselves. But to struggle is to work toward ascent, and in struggling we can touch upon and even embody the undefinable mystery of unity. There may never be 'world peace' because people's idea of peace will change, but there will always be love, and our experience of it as we struggle to ascend.

    Great theme and nice writing Lorely x

  8. One of the first items I learned in Six Sigma Quality Improvement methodology. While the methods are excellent and have promise to solve many problems, World Peace will not break out.

    It was Six Sigma's rather strange way of dealing with problem of scope creep -- where one solution feels so right that too many others are added on and constructive change is choked in overload.

    My problem with Utopia is not its beauty, promise or the prospects for incremental achievements in its general direction. My problem with Utopia fits in two areas.

    1) Sustainability. Who rules Utopia: how is it maintained as a Utopia?
    2) Trivial Solutions: living Utopias are more difficult to achieve than dead Utopias. A look at a graveyard will quickly see folks with nothing to live or die for, all at perfect rest and peace, no religion too. John Lennon's song does have a dark solution, a dead Utopia.

    These said, one can do much more than dream but much less than achieving Utopia. The size of the problem is not the issue; it is whether we are suitable members in such a solution.

  9. I hope with the right people coming together we can solve all world problems. I think in this age of science it is more pssible than ever.