Thursday, May 19, 2011


Restless futility stirs within
A numbing pain seers my spirit
As the reminder of mortality awaits
Seizing opportunity of a fair skinned beauty
An innocent one, so sincere, so steadfast and strong.

Yet even the fairest and strongest can stumble across fate’s doorstep of the much needed rest of which stress remains hidden.

A strange world for her, yet so familiar…as if yesterday.
The monotone of the machines, patients crying out.
Sympathetic grins of the staff.
Resilient and apathetic.

The droning days pass.
One caressing another.
For breath to return, the willing.
Bring back to surface.
Reclaiming what has been broken.

(In honor of my dear friend well fair maiden...)


  1. moments of realising our mortality can be so chilling..i am not rather fond of the hospitals, the machines, the pain...i do like the reclaiming of the broken...we all are in some ways.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a friend.For most we do not chose when the end comes; just how our lives will be remembered when it does come. WEll written lorely.

  3. Indeed a beautiful tribute to a friend lost.(SPM)