Tuesday, May 17, 2011


With royal pomp and ceremony
Events mark our lives.
Sometimes with shock and awe
As if a theatrical trick is exposed.

Others are more quiet.
A holy and instantaneous
Awakening of solitude.

Unpredictable moments
Such as a first-born child
We are cut to the heart.
A graduation
Or  the finality of passing.

Life,  like an ever-flowing stream
Bears all its children away.
Current by current.

Deeper truths and trappings are pulled back.
A power beyond our own
The light that never fails
Is stirring the pot.

A time to turn
To reflect upon the hope filled sanctities.
When there is a break-through.

Only by our own twitching of the hand  
Will our lives become mussed

We can't change the past
Nor can we let its pungent stamp
Define us.

A lurch of the heart
Drawing us forward
To no return.

Even at our bleakest
The need to praise
To stand amazed

At all there ever was
And ever will be.


  1. So very true, beautifully written!

  2. some great wisdom in how you approach the past...too many are lost in it...and that attitude of gratefulness will take you far...

  3. The words are so true, but mysteries abound in the mind od man and possiblities unlimited in the unseen realm of nature.So we stand amaized at nature and the comos. Well written,fellow Chicagoian.

  4. Very thought-provoking indeed.
    Nicely done, Lorely.

  5. Love this part! Thought provoking indeed!
    We can't change the past
    Nor can we let its pungent stamp
    Define us.