Monday, May 16, 2011


I want to believe

In these cherubims
The silver-tongued
Passionate and  annointed
Spiritual truths
From the ages
Riddling the pieces.

Parabolic simplistic synagogues
Disturbing and trapping the forbidden.
Uttering and revealing what is hidden

A revelation of things past
That which does not make sense
To the blind
The ones who will not go after,
Atrophied and stagnant.

Requiring thought and study
To the light of decision.
Its kingdom cannot be understood
Outside the perimeter
Of the fortressed walls.

Though daunting they do not see
Spoon-fed and lurking
By the calloused doors.

Healing will come
To those
Who are deliberately moved

Not by force
But by choice
To the answers
Of the labyrinth.

Seek ye first
And puzzle out
For yourselves
The clarity
And simplicity.

Hinge of the focused heart
Working and stirring
A change.

Tough and digging
Calling us to question
The Love
Of the Father's  Cloak.


  1. nice...i love parables and stories with meaning and puzzles...smiles. better to make you think than leave you empty...

  2. is there not an irony in this,

    Seek ye first
    And puzzle out
    For yourselves
    The clarity
    And simplicity.

    we do it to ourselves, it is part of our human struggle, to convulute that which is before us and easy.

    i love that healing will come not by force, but by choice. how true this is, lorely. love can't be forced, neither can belief, or even the more tenuous (perhaps more real) faith.


  3. I love parables and stories. I love the way you use words. So much talent!

  4. The clarity and the simplicity...Enjoyed this very much Lorely.

  5. Reminds me of a favorite saying of mine "A church with no walls..." ... Thought provoking write Lorely. A wake up call to think beyond "reason" and stop being merely spoon-fed.

  6. Loved the poem.And from one who was born and raised on the north side of the city,(fullerton and Pulaski) sorry about your new mayor.