Monday, May 23, 2011


Enraptured by the lack of rapture
A rape upon the rapids
Of astonished beliefs

My ravished body fills with delight
Living each day as if last

Not snatched or grasped
Or clasped upon

A few more years to gather
To capture what belongs

Itching ears want to hear
The kingdom is near

Doctrines of the spirit
Discern the truth
Empowering each
With  different

Now seeing through
The mirror darkly

Cognitive dissonance
A  gift of learning.

Confusing at best

A plate of food
A drink of water should
Be the crux of salvation
And emphasis.

Not the waiting
Upon counting ducks in a row

Never ready

Always Willing


  1. I love this you said it so well. So many people believe anything... so sad.. Susie

  2. always willing and anticipating...we will not know the day or time so each day is our last today...and if only we remembered and lived this way...

  3. I agree with Brian and Susie,

    Doctrines of the spirit
    Discern the truth
    Empowering each
    With different

    So well said Lorely....

  4. Very few are given the gift of deciding when their last day wille,so the rest of us must live as if each day is to be our last. Love the poem Lorely

  5. Out of the shacks finally, and willing. Thanks Lorely. The truth may come in hundreds of disposition but it will always lead to a fresh path.
    Nice. You are gifted. :)

  6. All of us believe as we all interpret the truth, we trust in a revelation or a process, when what we view is indiscernible, absolute. Even the crossing point is a mystery, for the Father's house has many halls. We live always in the moment of reaching and receiving for the mystery is within us. Inspiring stuff Lorely!