Friday, June 3, 2011


I shall choose not to be afraid
Of the arrows which pierce by day
Flying without any sense of direction
Or the deadly diseases
Which stalk in the night of darkness
Under the veil of gloom.

His armor shall be my protection
From the loss of opportunities
Surrounding the feathers
Which cover my wings.

When one entryway opens...
Another closes
Shielding us from the serpent

Detours carefully guarded
By the traps which surround
A refuge from the terrors
Which attempt to consume.

(inspired by Psalm 91, in light of our present economy)


  1. I love this. His armor shall be my protection, such a beautiful description. That is the way we should all feel and choose not to be afraid. I know things are bad but there is a higher power that's in control. Thank you for this today, I needed it and thank you so much for the nice comments on mine... Susie

  2. smiles. this allows us to walk confidently toward the long as we remember to put it on...

  3. Economies are same over the world, but this would be an inspirational read to everyone.
    Thanks Lorely!

  4. It certainly has the feel of a psalm,

    lost opportunity
    the cold air
    dropping the gull
    from its warm thermal
    elegant skill
    committed faith
    the upswell of trust
    breeze, feather and flight
    in unison
    rising on the wind

    nice metaphor lorely x