Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Damnation of Eternity

Peering through my gold rimmed spectacles

A gentle wind escapes through the panes of my office.

Entertaining thoughts which lead to doubt.

He stands accused.

Feathers blowing in the mist.

A thin wispy air.

Rosy cheeks and dimples.

A child’s innocence led by a weathered manicured hand.

To the rectory where no one sees.  No one hears.

No one whispers.


The task is done.

Incompletely torturing another’s soul.

For eternity.

Raging truth must be set free.

From the fires which choose to burn.

Flames flying.

An old steeple with tarnished crosses.

What is there to believe?

Where is the truth?  Wherein lies naivety?

Refusing to capture the pangs, the pain.

The psyche of one’s being.

Shall I escape from the ruins?

To other gray stagnant days.

Fog laying all about.

Attempting to consume.  To cover.

Foolishness attempts to hearken another’s vow.

At the expense of one so bright, clear and young.

Causing questions which will last throughout the centuries.

No time to ponder.  Only to walk away.

And begin again.

And doubt.


  1. What a powerful description of the pain of abuse.You have captured the pain in the soul which is so hard to describe and even harder to speak.Thanks for posting this beautiful piece.

  2. Every action has an impact, creates and contours what will be. Found this fascinating Lo; disquieting, angry and sad... still posing questions for me.

  3. "Raging truth must be set free" Must be set free! Wonderful write on such a disheartening, difficult subject to talk about...I am pleased that you were inspired by my prose "Fragile Eyes" We must give these children a voice. Although my prose was difficult for me to write and share, now that it's posted I feel a sense of relief. Thank you L.

  4. Ugly and disquieting words indeed...but words which need to be heard...

  5. Judith, you did an amazing write on a matter that causes me much grief!
    Bravo, dear lady!

    Margie :)

  6. They need to be heard is right. It is kept in the closet to much. Powerful write, I'm trying to write one now about this and it is very disturbing but needs to be said.. Thank you..Susie