Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The only thing that is certain in life is that it is hellaciously uncertain
And one must learn to live in the ebbs and flows of instability.

Ascertained by the necessity of one's belongings living in the lawn.
Dumped while scavengers peer in the windows.
A young sophomore plucked from his decade of surroundings.

Abandoned to the backwash and prompted by the maternal prescriptions.
Mother laying lifeless upon the next fix.

Enthusiastic bright smile, never questioning, always adapting to the unknown.
His name given by the forefathers a glimpse of salvation
Gone in the midst of the night of never ending goodbyes.


  1. goodbyes can be painful...
    life can be uncertain and learning to ride those waves is key...
    that stanza on the back wash is painful...

  2. Very well written,eviction humbles the soul and brings questions to mind about the fairness of life and whether or not what is happening trutly ones own fault.

  3. Saying goodbye is painful...I've had my share...It never gets any easier...acceptance is the key.