Tuesday, April 5, 2011

William's Surrender

Plagued for many years.
A person who lives in his wallowed barred wall of regret
Remorse yet still waiting upon.

Loving him with a vengeance,
Laden with numbed trepidation and fear.
Hollowed and unwilling to read  or write between the lines.
The words speak-easy
Sealed with a shallow kiss, parlayed upon.

Self mutilation, destruction and waning.
Across a half century.
The infantile still wanting to be fed with formula or milk.

Pressing upon false hope
I seal the letter
Yearning into the wind
This time
Let it be so
I put up the red flag
Against the wood
And I wait
Another yester year has passed
Maybe just maybe this time...
It  Will be different
I grieve a silent homage

For my brother. 


  1. smiles. nice embedded message there...hope he has a good birthday. today is a new day, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not a promise...

  2. Oh Lorely, this is so good. While I was reading this it brought tears to my eyes.Maybe it will be different this time. You are such a wonderful and talented writer. You go deep within your soul and what comes out is so awesome it blows my mind.

  3. Heartfelt and brave you said... x

  4. Really nice.. Loved every word of it..

  5. Brian you are pretty sharp for finding the embedded...keep on eating that Captain Crunch! I appreciate everyone's comments...this one did take some bravery to write Paul...close to the heart...I am longing for the day of surrender and his freedom.

  6. Thanks for sharing it Lorely

  7. keep loving him...keep believing Lorily

  8. It's a beautiful tribute, Lorely. I'm sorry for your brother's plight.

  9. So sad yet so beautiful