Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Is it zumanity or humanity to explore the sensual libations

An indulgent paradise prying into the carnival of carnal pleasures?

High above the stratosphere
The strip will tease
With illusions and delusions of grandeur.
The slots will awaken and shed your temptations of inhibitions
Groveling in the innocence of lipstick smears and merging breasts.
Young women taught to put on the burlesque breath
A pilfering headdress upon succulent skewers
To taunter  in the smoke-filled pupils of desperation and lust
At the risk of the aging players hand.

Masques are masked in frolics of glistening chandeliers
While the crazy horse peeps upon the Paris Colosseum.
Crowds pressed in as butterflies flitting about
Looking for nowhere in particular but everywhere
Sweltering heat, children drag on, forced to face the immersion of platitude.

Minstrels on streets seeking to devour, to promulgate
Finding themselves aside the pillars of bridges
Hands placed strategically begging for mercy.

Here the baubled come to play
In smoke-filled cabarets
With sinister bunnies and doves flying into rafters.
While cabbies become junkies
Their dreams crumbling before them,
Foreclosures emerging highest in the nation.

What can be learned from this smattering of matters?
An oasis found in the land of drunkenness and excess
Each yearning to place that final penny
Searching for the land of plenty

Only to find it doesn't exist.

(This isn't my personal experience of Vegas...but I looked beyond my rose colored glasses.)


  1. A very thought-provoking write. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes very good indeed. Glad to have you back.. Susie

  3. very nice...some really cool word play mixed through out...the strip will tease...yeah its there, but you dont even have to go to vegas to find it...

  4. I agree with Brian, Susie and Andy !
    well done !

  5. You Don't have to go there to find it! Ain't that the truth?!

  6. Hey, happy to have you back and you, indeed arrived with a boom. Love this one! An absolute picture of reality! Good work!

  7. So rich & captivating...so full of meaning....soaked in thick blood of reality and truth..

  8. Thank you Awoken Soul and thank you for following silver glimmer dust...

  9. Hfor 15 years,I can say you aving lived in Vegcapyured it's sight and soul. well done.