Thursday, April 21, 2011


The man with the psychedelic smears
and the tattered tears
in fragments of a robe,
I have come to pay him servitude
upon tranquility.

His word healing
my blood smattered hurts
nailed to the wall
and lying in pieces on the temple floor.

Tiny tiny pieces as they fall...

I am learning to fail
and fall
placing my blood-bought blows
upon his crown.

My foul apparitional image
and asserts itself
in reflected glass
and unable
to see the prisms.

I climb the steps
toward Lenten.

One heartbeat closer
to the journey.


  1. Lorely,
    Loved this and especially your last lines ...
    "One heartbeat closer
    to the journey."
    Such a nice blog!

  2. Thank you was a very sacred and personal experience for me as I took some time to quiet my soul...and think about Lent and the crucifixion, I'm glad it was captured...

  3. And Margie...thank you for choosing to follow silver glimmer dust...

  4. This post reminds me of climbing a mountain in a place called Mejugorje in what was then Yugoslavia, there were people staring at the sun, climbing a pilgrimage path on their knees incredible, cultic and yes - metanoic. Love this one Lorely some really good imagery x

  5. lent is often just such a journey a learnign of the laying down...and while we find ourselves unworthy, we are found worthy and much more than the tarnish aparition we present..nicely done journey you portrayed...

    and loved your comment today...