Sunday, November 18, 2012


For some reason I decided not to write.
There wasn't anything different about the day 
or the air.
It was an intentional decision
Poignant and from the heart. 
And I decided not to post. 
Many eyes were upon me and I responded 
To nothing no one and 
Very intentional indeed. 
I parted a farewell
A very fond farewell.
It wasn't that I couldn't write. 
I knew there were words forming in my head. 
I just simply chose to not put them upon the paper. 
I walked alongside the ocean
And I heard the screams
Telling me to toss them in
Everyone of them
And I silently listened
To the roar and the pounding surf
And I obeyed to the christening of the folds 
And the panting of the water. 
As it beckoned me. 
I thought at that moment I would toss in the words
and I would never hear from them again. 

And peace enveloped my soul. 

Another season has passed 
And I am calling upon the words
The sensitivity
As I so keenly need to listen 
and hear them chant once more.  
What I thought I had lost
Has now remained. 
And I must tune my ear to the cry once again
The pounding of the surf
The sand beneath my feet. 
No more. 

Nothingness again is calling to me 


  1. smiles. welcome back to words....and you know for a season i imagine it was really good....

  2. "Nothingness again is calling to me" So nice to see you! For me, I have no poetic words at the moment. My morning pages are like mush lol! Ii hope that next door opens soon, Lori xox