Saturday, November 24, 2012

I can't even begin to tell you what it's like
At the very age I met my groom to be
What shall I dare say?... 
Intrigue lies around the corner
Heart beating rampantly in my chest
A surge of exploding hormonal ecstasy
Panting frantically at the open door
Locked within.

Who pummeled?!
The nights of long surrendering, gone.
A mother, lonely grasping at straws to hold on 
to the last lock, the last locket. 
Curls cascading, past the frock.
 A windowpane seared upon opening. 
Popcorn tossing in the brisk wind. 
Pajama parties, searching, wondering
The last hem. 

Whom shall be beyond the very stitch? 
I've held on for dear life. 
Raised her from a filly. 
A colt. Blasting through the gate. 
I  can no longer contain. 
Youth and madness must circumvent.
Find a way to coexist. 
I'd give anything to take back the years
the locusts have stolen. 

But for now I will cherish 
Gain a new appreciation for fondness
Learn to rest my weary head 
And dream of what is never lost. 


  1. is around that age my relationship with my parents changed drastically...a stumbling forward but we settled into a comfortable place after a bit of rebellion on my wishes in navigating that age...smiles.

  2. Wow! You said it like no one I've ever heard, and so accurately and poetically at the same time! I'm going to post a link to this on my blog!

  3. Trying to reach you Lorely so you can see the video I made with your poem Liberation. Can't find your e-mail. Here's the link to the video: Hope you enjoy1

  4. Visit me at to see your poem "Liberation" in a video with my music!