Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One's life to another might look
As if a dream.

The reality is the rose colored lenses
Looking at the other side of the lawn
Is just as green.

If not more.

With depth and illusion

So easy to peer through the lense
And see past  the fence.

Pink tinted and peeling.
Belly swollen and purging
With the whys and wherefores.

A different dimension

An empty nest

Lies in the awakening of another.

Yet for years.

Captured by schedules rigidly the days flounce by

While she beyond the garden
Longs for the days of young.

The pitter patter
The loud and clatter

Become swallowed up
In the solitary noise.


  1. smiles. it is easy to look at others and think that their life is surely better than ours...the reality is that we are not that much ifferent underneath...

    lies in the awakening of another...like that line...

  2. Yes we all tend to wear rose colored glasses at times. We never know what they are going through...Welcome back my friend, I've missed you..Susie

  3. The divine child - the "young" in all of us, sees the oneness of life without all the whys and wherefores - in fact, sees through rose-colored glasses - a glimpse of heaven.

  4. Welcome back Lori ~

    I believe we all are more alike than we realize ~ The grass isn't always greener ~ Everyone has a story ~ Very thought provoking piece ~