Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Author's Voice August 2011

My apologies for neglecting this blog.  Summer has been fast and furious, and I have been enjoying time with my children while they are home from school.  I just returned from this lovely place, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, and I am heading out this week to Pennsylvania to visit family.  Writing has been on the back burner, but I'm sure it will sprout its wings once again.  To all my followers I hope you are having a fantastic summer.  I'll be in touch soon. May the lull of the oceans and the dawn of the tides speak to each of you...

Peace to you.



  1. have fun in the state...used to live 30 min from gettysburg...

  2. Summer is passing by so fast. You enjoy them while you can. I live in the western part of North Carolina. Hope you continue to have a great summer, will look forward to your return..Susie

  3. Enjoy yourself on your trip!
    Safe Travels!

    Margie x

  4. Enjoy the rest of your summer Lori...

    ♥ ஆ