Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Angst Has Died

My Angst Has Died

It lies somewhere in the snow, adrift upon the cascading mounds.

Crystallized upon the surface.

Climbing ever so higher toward the atmosphere. 

Dissipating into fine powder.

Lost in the mind.

It yearns of warm climates, bursts of sunshine, no footsteps upon the paved areas. 

It wants to be cared for, caressed, not cluttered, not fallen, not fine.

Dawns of solitude, “enough,”,it cries, “enough! ”

Look beyond the superficial.  Look beyond the layers.  Climb deep within my skin.  Feel the trembling heat. Burning. Yearning.

Not yielding, not wanting these days of old, of slipped bygones. 

Forgotten songs, immersed and buried in the snow.

Somewhere in the mounds. Fine white cold powder dust.


  1. Beautifully written!.... I quite enjoy those perticular moments in life!

  2. I must say this "hibernation" time allows one's soul to ruminate and write.

  3. Thanks for following..lovely poem..kick that angst to the curb!!

  4. You're most welcome Lyn...thanks for checking it out! For all you "wannabe" poets (like me)...check out my updated profile list of blogs I'm following...I found some really cool poetry blogs today!