Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Author's Voice-January 2011

Hello...yes it is actually me the writer of this blog.  I've decided that once in a blue moon I would speak for the blog, in order for it to be more conversational and real in nature.  I've done my research on blogs and I will continue to stay aloof, a bit more distant and private than others, and continue to post my writings, or poems.  Many people in the blogging world express an interest in writing poetry...but they are not putting their work out there in the blogosphere. I've chosen to take a bit of a risk and be different.  I will also keep my blog template simple so you can get right to the heart of the writing.

I am inspired by various things, people, movies, books, songs, fantasy, spirituality, and quite honestly just the ordinary everyday life stuff.  Like any other writer I will struggle with writer's block at times. So if my blog is quiet for awhile, most likely life is extremely busy or I am dealing with the infamous writer's block.

  Now I would like to hear from you my readers.  I believe there are a few more out there based on the number of my page views and I know some of you are choosing to follow me privately, which I encourage as well.... Feel free to let me know what you would like me to write about, and I will give my artistic wings a stretch and try....And for now I will part with this blue moon and wish you a fair morn and a fond adieu.  


  1. First of all, thank you for signing on to follow my Blog(s) I am soooooo new to this, you must bare with me as I find my way around the blogging community. You mentioned how many of the writers are not posting their poetry which is surprising, since this is a great forum to get feedback. Oh and any advice you care to share, would be greatly appreciated! lol!

    ~.^ Helena

  2. I have two blogs, I write on them both daily, One is to prompt myself as well as anyone who would like to join in, everyone is welcome. The other is written in daily life form, or memories.
    I like your poetry I hope you look into mine sometime.