Friday, December 30, 2011

The Celebration of One's Mankind

Glistening glasses of  champagne bubbles.

Sparkling about.

Cardboard golden paper hats.

Flimsy and whimsical.

Noisemakers and tinny hollow sounds.

French Silk pie from Baker’s Square.

Shrimp and sushi as friends and family embrace.

Meaningless or mindful traditions?

Crowds packed in frigid weather just to see the crystal fall.

Another year passing.

The culmination of good and evil.

Wicked smiles and joyful grins.

Streamers floating about.

Littering the streets.

People pounding on stainless steel.

For what?!  What does it mean?!

Another year wiser?  Another year of uncertainty?

Children’s delightful laughter.

Prancing about.

Couples sharing a romantic kiss.

Others alone in an empty house.

A time for vows and resolutions.

To be fought.  To be gained.

Auld Lang Syne.

Memories fleeting by…

On long cold cobblestone streets.
And clock towers.

Ringing the chimes.

A celebration of one’s passing.

And one’s beginning.

A new start.

A fresh awakening.

A pouncing of the old ways.

Lessen the stagnancy of tomorrows.

Lost letters,

Unreturned correspondences,

Broken promises.

No longer!

New caresses.

Lighter steps.

A welcome glance and dance to the day.

A scattering and smattering of one’s thoughts and one’s dreams.

Upon the concrete walks of the morrow.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind….

( a re-posting...Happy New Year...Lorely)


  1. happy new year...def some mixed emotions flying about on this day...i hope the fresh page is received well....

  2. a beautiful write ... very hopeful ... wish you a happy and peaceful new year...

  3. A wonderful write and reflection upon a year's past as a new one waits eagerly to unfold. I love how you pondering notions of "wisdom" and "uncertainty" is immediately followed by "Children’s delightful laughter. [and] Prancing about." For children embrace neither wisdom nor uncertainty. Children live joyfully in the moment which is the wish your delightful (and thought provoking) poem ends upon. A magical and enchanting write, Lorely, filled Hope for of a New Year filled to the brim with Peace & Love ♥

  4. Wonderful poem. It's a visionary way to look at a whole year. I wanted to let you know I am making and posting new music videos on both my blogs almost every week which you might enjoy.

  5. Happy New Moment is my motto! As always - am enjoying your blog.