Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Unencumbered Genius

Silently I wonder what it is like to lie unencumbered in a shallow grave
listening to the mind of one's genius
the cerebellum never ceasing.

T'was it all in vain?
Bringing a generation of touch.
The family mourns.

Technology slows if just for a moment.
Yet to live life fully in one's passion
not waiting for another's
claiming to find that niche
and embrace it wholeheartedly.

What did he surmise that none of us could?
Did he spend his life chasing quadruple rainbows
because he knew they existed?

Yet we must capture that first photograph to prove t'was real

In my daily life may I choose to simmer in the afterglow of one's brilliance
and never cease
chasing rainbows. 



  1. it is a sad day...he was a brilliant mind...and a good person from what i know...i like how you bolded his name...nice touch...smiles.

  2. This is a wonderful description of a man that changed the world. Technology will only slow for a time.. Love this..Susie

  3. Hello.
    A most fitting tribute to a genius who will always be remembered.

    Nice ending.

    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Yesterday With You

  4. Sad that he's gone but loved your poem!

    Hope all is wonderful in your life!